The Before

How long do you have before the wedding day? A year? A month? A week? On average, wedding planning can be anywhere between 8-16 months. So let's get the party started!

The During

The big day is here! Did you remember the accessible car? What about socks? Maybe you need an extra pin for the dress so you don't run yourself over? So many things to double, triple check!

The After

Woohoo! You survived a day and a night without running over any of the guests! But after an hour of getting the dress on, what's the fastest way to get it off? How about the honeymoon? Ready for that?

green and peach flower bouquet.
pink and white wedding cake with flowers.
wedding aisle with chairs and flowers.
tan wedding cake with peach flowers.
tan flower bouquet.
large barn space with rows of tables.

The pictures! The pictures! I know. There seems to be something addictive about looking at wedding pictures! They're just so beautiful. Anyways, back to business. So you're here to get some advice and guidance on everything wedding, plus the magic of being in a wheelchair? This site is here to help you with that, as it highlights some of the main points from the book: Brides in Wheelchairs Wedding Planner.

Wedding Planning Main Points:

  1. All About The Wedding (where, when, budget, type, location, invitations, cake, photography)
  2. All About The People (guest count, bridesmaids, drivers, florists, DJ or live entertainment)
  3. All About You (emotional support, physical support, wheelchair, wishes & dreams)
  4. All About The Clothes (jewelry, dress, veil, rings, hair accessories, garter)
  5. All About The Accessibility (parking, bathroom, dance floor, tables and chairs, ramps)
  6. All About Everything Else (honeymoon, marriage license, transportation, registry)
  7. All About the Miscellaneous (trash bags, service dog rest area, hotel, sunscreen or umbrella)
groom kissing bride in car.

Since You're Here...

Now that everyone is done looking at pictures, oh wait, I got one more for you here down below. Feeling inspired or curious? Check out the details of pre-wedding events, some info for the big day, the romance of the honeymoon, the wedding planner book, and a blog about getting married in a wheelchair. So much to do, so little time! Remember that this day is for you & that anything is possible!

Bride in wheelchair with husband, under trees.